Founders & Managing Directors


Christian Müller is a graduate economist and journalist. He has worked in the area of sustainable economics and in the communications industry. Most recently, he initiated several projects dealing with the unconditional basic income. In addition, he’s involved in the development of a vegetable cooperative in Zurich. 


Olivier Schneller is a coach, economist and disruptive thinker. After studying economics, he followed up with a doctor’s degree at ETH Zurich on the subject of growth and innovation. After a short period as a young entrepreneur, he worked as an innovation and strategy consultant in a large international corporation in Hamburg.


Daniel Straub has studied economics, politics and psychology. Amongst others, he has worked at IBM, was a delegate of the ICRC and head of a Montessori school. He dedicated the last five years to the research and discussion of the idea of an unconditional basic income. 

Project Collaborators


Nils Solanki has studied interaction design at Zurich University of the Arts. At the moment he’s working as a front-end developer and interaction designer at an agency in Zurich and holds a position as a lecturer at HTW Chur.


Luzia Budmiger has studied philosophy and art history. Over the course of her studies, she worked in the areas of architectural and design journalism, historic preservation and as a tutor at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Berne. Most recently, she worked as a research assistant at the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Julian Renninger is about to finish his degree in economics at the University of Zurich and enjoys getting involved in the area of higher education policy. He was vice president of the University of Zurich Student Association (VSUZH), member of the Swiss Study Foundation and is working as a freelance journalist, regularly writing features for the magazine “NZZ Campus”. In addition, Julian Renninger is co-founder of the laboratory ‘Neue Welt – Ein Labor mit Utopieverdacht’.